Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shirgao Zatra

Thousands throng for Shirgao zatra


Devotees from all over the State and beyond participated in the famous Zatra of Goddess Lairai, which began with religious fervour at Shirgao-Bicholim on Wednesday.
Lairai is believed to be a representation of Goddess Parvati and since the devotees strongly believe that Lairai fulfills their vows, thousands of devotees participate in the festival every year.
This year, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and devotees from political and social fields participated in the festival since early Wednesday morning to take the blessings of Goddess Lairai.
A large number of Dhonds, dressed in traditional attire flocked in the direction of Lairai temple.
The Shirgao zatra is held on the fifth day of Vaishakh of Hindu calendar every year. Most zatras in the State are related with individual villages, but this zatra has a link with over 200 villages from the State and Maharashtra.
Forgetting their differences and caste and creed, the community joined in the festivities and all roads from Assnora to Shirgao were filled with devotees and Dhonds.
After taking holy bath in Devachi Tali, the new Dhonds proceed to the Mudder, the original place of Lairai, where various rituals are performed. Later, they go to Lairai temple in the interior of the village.
Devotees also believe that Lairai Devi loves Mogra flowers and hence, mogra garlands are in great demand during the festival.
The Dhonds of Lairai Devi observe a fast for five days, eating only light vegetarian food.
A large number of shops make brisk business selling sweets on the occasion.
The main attraction of the zatra is Homkund (pyre). At midnight, the priest will ignite the fire to the pyre, followed by Dhonds running through live coals.
Security and traffic arrangements have been made by Bicholim police. The Kaultsav of Devi Lairai will begin from April 30 to May 3.

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Shirgaochi zatra always reminds me of M Boyer Song.. Lila ani Zila


(Joegoauk ..... as documented in 2008)

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