Wednesday, August 5, 2009



At the end of 2006, my next door neighbor sold her ancestral house and property (around 1,300 sq. meters) to a Delhi party for Rs.20,00,000 - brokers' (local boys') cut was Rs.5,00,000; thus she got net Rs.15,00,000 net.

By the end of 2007, the whole house was renovated in antique style while maintaining its originality.
The party built an exposed masonry front compound wall, created a garden in front of the house, built a swimming pool at the back with an antique style shed or rest place beside the pool, and installed a Jacuzzi.
He also furnished the house with antiquities brought in from Kerala.
On the whole, he must have spent a little over Rs. one crore on the house and antiquities.

He then put up the house for sale – buying, developing plots/houses and selling them seems to be his business. Different quotes were floating ranging from Rs.2-3 crores.

Last February, one fine evening Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood actor, arrived in Anjuna and by the next morning a deal was reached - he bought the house for his wife, Twinkle Khanna, for Rupees three crores!!!
The house is named "TARA".
So far, they (Twinkle Khanna and her son, her mother, Dimple Kapadia and Akshay Kumar's sister) paid only one visit to the house. They stay put in the house for four days.

When asked if the house was for sale and even when it was sold to the Delhi party, my neighbor always denied the fact and asked:
"Tumkam konnem sanglam hanv ghor vinktam mhunnon?"
(Who told you I am selling the house?).

Current rate in Anjuna is between Rs.6,000-7000 per square metre.
The lady now regrets having sold the house so cheap.
What’s the use of crying over spilled milk now?

Moreover, the norm of the day in Goa is "Paisa feko, tamasha dekho". (Spend money and enjoy the show)!

(Domnic dressed as an Arab at Carnival 2008 in Mapusa)

Domnic Fernandes
Gaumvaddy, Anjuna

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