Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feast of Our Lady of Rosary

Dear Parishioners of Navelim,

Wishing you all a very happy feast of our Lady of Rosary,

With prayerfull wishes,

Brazil Diniz
antonio at tii.com

Every year, Our Lady of Rosary feast is celebrated in Goa on the 3rd
Wednesday of November.

According to legend, the Navelim church was built in mud similar to the
other churches in Salcete Taluka, between the year 1594 to 1598. The
builders were Jesuits and it was financed by the villagers.
The first parish priest of Navelim Church was a French Jesuit named Fr. John
Sena. (Mitras Lusitanas no Oriente).
As time passed, the church became small for the growing population. Later on
it was reconstructed with laterite stones on a larger scale. The
reconstruction was apparently financed by a local merchant "Barreto" who was
saved from bankruptcy through the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary. He
financed the entire reconstruction, not only of the church but he also
renewed the statue of our Lady of Rosary.


The celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Rosary begins every third
Wednesday in November. This devotion of Our Lady comprises of an extensive


According to legend, in earliest times, this fair consisted mainly of three
or four sheds and lasted only for a day.
DR. FRANCISCO SALVADOR GOMES, father of Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes, who was
the administrator of Salcete, encouraged some of the owners of the sheds to
extend the fair for three days. This was done, and the fair gained in
prominence. Today it is one of the most popular fairs in Goa.


Navelim is rapidly expanding to become Goa's fastest growing villages. Some
of Navelim's famous landmarks include the Margao Central Railway Station and
the infamous Sky Bus.


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