Monday, November 23, 2009

Colva adopts 3 public interest resolutions

Colva adopts 3 public interest resolutions
Written by NT Network
Monday, 23 November 2009

In a rare show of unity, members at the gram sabha of Colva panchayat, passed three resolutions, unanimously. The gram sabha was held in front of the Colva panchayat building and the three resolutions passed were pertaining to the proposal of construction of water channels and de-silting of two lakes, Daktem Tollem and Vodlem Tollem, and building of sluice gates; the construction of 24-hour Health Centre promoted by NRI office and Colva United Centre, based in Kuwait; and the third was construction of an electricity power sub-station.

While the first resolution was moved on behalf of Tenants Association of Teleband and Socklivand of Sernabatim by Mr Jovek Cardozo, the second resolution was jointly moved by Alexandre M Fernandes, the former president of Colva United Centre, Kuwait and Dr Robinson Costa, while the third resolution was moved by Mr Carmo Rodrigues. The panchayat body as well as the gram sabha unanimously adopted these public interest resolutions and in fact congratulated the gram sabha members for bringing in good proposals that will help in upliftment and progress of Colva village.

Speaking at length while moving the resolution for the construction of water channels and desilting of lakes and also some ponds in Sernabatim area, Mr Cardozo said that the Sernabatim ward has two lakes with sluice gates connected to the narrow water channels to supply water to all the fields in the area. He said the farmers use the sluice gates to regulate and control the flow of water.

It was pointed out that rain water is stored in these lakes with the help of the sluice gates, and later utilised for irrigation for the summer crop.

It was further pointed out that the water channels are supported by thick mounds of mud on either side, which at times collapse, causing water logging which in turn leads to the rotting of the crop. It was therefore pleaded to construct concrete water channels and also protect the sluice gates.

Similarly, the second proposal of 24-hour health center, moved jointly by Dr Costa and Mr Fernandes also received large acceptance, keeping in view the need to take care of the heath of the villagers. Mr Fernandes was publicly congratulated for even making arrangements of funds for this project. This project will be managed and run by the Health Department, provided the panchayat allots proper land for the construction of this project. Mr Fernandes asked the panchayat to allot any land available at the panchayat’s disposal.

The third resolution of having a power sub-station at Colva was also accepted, though a lady gram sabha member tried to belittle the need of such a substation, saying that such sub-station would be of no use until and unless, the panchayat knows how much electricity (power) is needed for the entire state and Colva in particular. Her objections were however overruled and the resolution was adopted, so that Colva has its own power sub-station, as is the case in Majorda and other coastal areas.

A gram sabha member named Jack, who was the former panchayat representative, wanted information on how the BPL allotments are made, and how much revenue the panchayat earns on sopo tax, and also wanted to know what steps the panchayat has taken to save some of the century old residences which are situated on the beach side, as these are said to be under the CRZ scanner.

Garbage issue was also discussed at length and the chairperson, Mr
Anthony Fernandes was heard telling that whatever needs to be done will be done in this respect, adding that the matter is now before the High Court and a discussion was not encouraged as the matter
is sub judice.

- Team adds:
Alexandre Menino Fernandes is a shining example of how you can do community work while at home as well as abroad. His love for Colva as a son of the soil speaks volumes about him, not unlike others who retire peacefully in their balcony or migrate to the West..... While in Kuwait, Alexandre, together with Tome Gracias and Mario Rebello, has done a lot of spade work to re-register the Goan Welfare Society-Kuwait and has assured his full cooperation with GWS managing committee, of which he was the Treasurer. Keep up the good work and God bless.
Is the Goa NRI Commissioner and the Director for NRI Affairs taking note?
- Gaspar Almeida.

Photo by: Rewon Gomes

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